Domino's is trying something new and I think it is really weird.

For the month of May, Domino's is testing Domino's Live, where you can see pizza being made on a live webcam feed. It's only at a Domino's in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they haven't said whether they're expanding it. They do promise it's live and uncut you can choose from five different webcam angles.

1.  The table where they make the dough.

2.  The station where they put toppings on the pizza.

3.  Pizzas on the conveyor belt as they enter the oven.

4.  The pizzas on the belt as they leave the oven

5.  Finally an in-store video board that will put up your name if you "Like" Domino's Live on Facebook.

If you want to watch the live feed check it out at Domino's Live. I worked in a several kitchens at restaurants. I know what goes on back there and I do not want to be able to see what goes on in real time.