The Hotter'N Hell Hundred is coming up this weekend in Wichita Falls. We'll see thousands of cyclist from all over the world take part in the ride this year, but will we see anything like this?

The video above is an add for Dafne Fixed. The bike company doesn't just show off their bikes, though. They show a pretty crazy move that one rider uses to pull ahead of all of the competition.

The rider starts at the back of the pack, but it all changes when they start to go down hill. He pulls himself up to a more aerodynamic position and basically looks like Superman as he flies by all the other cyclist.

It look dangerous, but as you can see in the video, it is extremely effective. While the other riders are maintaining speed, he is taking off and moving to the front of the pack. Probably shouldn't try this one at home, but if you do, you definitely want to have a good helmet and pads.

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