So I am sure you have all had that roommate at one point that would not let you eat any of the food. Well this kid takes his leftovers seriously and he wanted everyone to know.

This happened Thanksgiving weekend, but the charges were just filed. Last Sunday, 18-year-old Taz Miller of Winchester, Indiana got home to his mother's house after doing Thanksgiving at his grandmother's.  He was really looking forward to eating some of his mom's Thanksgiving leftovers.

Unfortunately he found that his mom's boyfriend, 35-year-old Christopher Teer, had completely finished them and he was furious. So he grabbed a kitchen knife, told Christopher, quote, "I'm going to F------ kill you!" Taz then stabbed him in the arm and the thigh.

Fortunately, Christopher didn't die, but he was hospitalized with his stab wounds.  Taz was arrested for battery with a deadly weapon. I am sure this story will make you think twice about swiping that last piece of pizza out of the fridge.

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