When Robert Russell bought a 1967 Austin Healey, he probably didn’t count on it being stolen in 1970. Since the disappearance, he’s kept a watch out for the vehicle, and after 42 years he’s found his pride and joy and been reunited with it.

The car was stolen from him in Philadelphia, and through the years he’s kept an eye out for it and still owns the title certificate. When he recently found a car on eBay that looked like his, he pulled out the title and matched up the vehicle identification number, discovering that it was indeed his.

From there he contacted authorities, and after they were able to verify that it was indeed stolen from Russell, he was able to go pick it up. Russell now lives in Texas, and he recovered the car from a dealership in East Lost Angeles.

Originally he purchased the vehicle for just $3,000, but now it’s valued at $23,000.

This man is much better at keeping track of paperwork than I am. Chances are, after four decades, I would have gotten rid of the title and figured I’d never find the car again. Sometimes just finding my car keys are enough to make me want to pull out my hair. Russell gets props in my book for being so vigilant in his search, and for getting back what is rightfully his.

Have you ever lost something dear to you, only to find it weeks, months, or years later?