Nothing worse than your car getting stolen, but I am sure there is nothing more satisfying than catching the thief yourself.

On Tuesday, Virginia Maiden of Kennewick, Washington woke up and found someone had stolen her 1995 Toyota 4Runner.  She called the cops to report it missing, then went to her job at McDonald's. A few hours later, there was an incredible coincidence.  As Virginia was manning the drive thru, she saw her own car pull up.

The thief was 22-year-old Katherine York.  She'd stolen the car,then went to JC Penney and Sears to steal some clothes. After that she then to McDonald's.Virginia immediately called the cops again.

Katherine was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.  The cops found a bunch of the stolen clothes in the backseat, but shoplifting charges are still pending. I think Virginia needs to go buy one of those Power ball tickets she has some amazing luck.

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