You think you can just steal the likeness of the office for your bar? IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT A JOKE!

'The Office' is one of those shows you can rewatch over and over again. Well, as long as you're re-watching the ones where Michael Scott is still the boss. The other ones, not so much. If you're holding out hope for 'The Office' to come back, don't hold your breath. You can however visit Dunder Mifflin in real life. Excuse me, I mean Dunder Whiplen.

The bar usually known as The Whippersnapper has transformed into 'The Office' for the month. You can see things everywhere that I remind you of some of your favorite episodes. They also have Office themed drink and food items. The bar is open and will only be Office themed until February 15. So grab your friends and make the road trip to Dallas.