I'd just like to say that, if the boss is reading this, I HAVE NEVER stolen any office supplies and think that people who do should be terminated immediately, awarded no points, and God needs to have mercy on their soul.  That said, According to a survey by an office supply company called Banner Business Services, two thirds of us have stolen office supplies at work.  And it costs companies $3.2 billion a year. Here's a list of the top 10 most stolen office supplies:

Post-It Notes


Post-It Notes are one of those stupid inventions that I literally kick myself for not having come up with. No surprise they are number one, I mean, has ANY individual EVER actually purchased these things for personal use?

Scotch Tape


Yep, good, old tape. You never seem to have any around the house when you need it, and just imagine how much money you would have to spend on it if you actually bought the tape to wrap your Christmas presents. Thank goodness you have a cushy office job!





You have to wonder how many pair of scissors from a school supply list have actually come from some employers office? Additionally, theft has just about wiped out all of the scissors here at the station. Really? I only need a some once in a blue moon, but they can never be found!
Toilet Paper


First of all, if you have good toilet paper at your office, you are truly blessed among workers. We have the standard two-ply finger-jabber here so I would have to be pretty desperate to steal it. That said, however, if given a choice between junk mail and stealing the stuff from here... well... let's just say I understand.

Copier Paper


It's bad enough ink cartridges for my printer at home cost more than their value in gold, but you expect me to buy PAPER, too????? Let's be reasonable here, the office won't miss 1 or 2 packages will it?
USB Memory Stick


Honestly, I have never had an office buy these things, usually some vendor gives them away to customers or whatever. Storage is cheap these days anyways.



Do you really have to steal these? Whenever I need one, I just go ask our office manager and it's given no-questions-asked. maybe that privilege only extends to certain job descriptions, but I am absolutely sure I have never stolen one of these.



Really, I am surprised this isn't number 1. Who hasn't stolen a pen? I'm not sure they have any value anyway. The radio station has been circulating the same pens since 1995. No joke, someone will steal one off my desk, and then, I'll steal someone elses, and then two weeks later I find the original one that stolen from me. It's the pen circle of life.


I NEVER have to staple anything at home so I don't know what to make of this. I think that maybe people think a desk isn't complete without one and steal them for purely decorative reasons.


Yep, I'm not sure why they don't fall into the pen category, but highliters rounds out the list. School projects for the kids HAVE TO BE DONE. Why buy when you can "borrow" the office's?

So what about you? What is your office supply of choice? Answer in the poll below - select all that apply: