You go out for a little afternoon delight and before you know it, it's 11 pm. What the hell happened?

We have a lot of bars in our town, but these are the places you go right when work ends at five. Maybe they have some special going on or an outdoor patio that makes afternoon beers so good. This has definitely happened to me. You say one more round, take a look at the clock and it's almost midnight. You don't feel like you have been there that long, but it happens.

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    P2-The Deuce

    This is THE afternoon bar in Wichita Falls. Especially since they're not open past midnight, unlike most bars. Pull up in your vehicle, they bring you a beer and you relax. Before you know it, the sun is going down and you're shutting down the bar -- or parking lot, I guess.

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    The Broken Tap

    This is definitely one of those bars that you take advantage of those afternoon beer specials. They have dollar beers in the afternoon on Wednesday and Saturdays. Those Saturdays can really get you. You go for the dollar beers and before you know it you don't want to leave.

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    Lazy Dog Saloon

    I am putting Lazy Dog on here because they also have some afternoon beer specials going on as well. Plus my fat bulldog is quite welcome at this place. Even though he gets too excited and passes out quite easily.

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    Silver Dollar Saloon

    I will admit, I have only been here once. I have to put my experience on this list. I went here at 5 pm to take advantage of some drink specials. I left at 2 am. For that one time experience. It makes the list. Plus, they just installed a new patio.

  • Photo by Aaron Galloway/Townsquare Media
    Photo by Aaron Galloway/Townsquare Media

    The Yard

    Some people may complain about this one because it's technically not a bar. It's a food truck park. Let's face it though, you grab some food, some beers, and before you know it, four hours has gone by. Maybe some of the live music has kept you there longer than expected.

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