Miracle Treat Day is an amazing donation day, but things will be even bigger in Wichita Falls this year. 

Tomorrow (July 27) is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen. This annual event raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Just go to any Dairy Queen and buy a blizzard tomorrow. That's it. At least one dollar from every blizzard sold tomorrow will go to those hospitals.

Texoma Community Credit Union wants to get in on the fun again this year by making donations to our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, United Regional. All you have to do when you get a blizzard tomorrow is snap a photo with your blizzard and put that photo on all your social media pages and tag Texoma Community Credit Union in it.

They have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So if you have all three, be sure to hit them all up to donate more money. One dollar will go to our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital for every photo. If you want to be extra charitable, take a photo in front of the giant T at the bank with your blizzard. For those photos, they will donate five dollars.

So go grab a blizzard, snap a photo and tag Texoma Community Credit Union tomorrow.

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