Julianne Moore Takes Shots At Jessica Simpson and Plastic Surgery
The 51-year-old, three time Oscar nominee may have kick started a new celebrity feud with an off hand comment she made recently in an interview with More magazine.  More asked Moore about her opinions on our society being flooded with celebrity gossip and tabloid journalism,
"They encourage youn…
Dad Performs Cosmetic Surgery on Young Daughters
Any good parent wants what is best for their kid, whether that means helping with school work, volunteering to carpool for soccer games or using the kids as test subjects for a burgeoning cosmetic surgery practice.  Who better to test your skills on than your own kids, right?
Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Before and After [VIDEO]
Plastic surgery among celebrities is so common place that its a shocker to see a celeb that hasn't had work done.  The saddest part of plastic surgery are the countless celebs that got it in their heads that it would make them look better, and they were already attractive to begin with...
School Bans Makeup and Mirrors!?
It's no secret that kids care about their looks a lot, and at one school in the United Kingdom grooming has become such a big deal that the schools have banned makeup all together and reinforce this rule  by getting rid of all mirrors. While some students have made a fuss many parents are …

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