Do not disrespect the ten commandments of our city that I randomly made up this morning.


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    Drink Beer in Your Car (Sort of)

    Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2016

    Yes, you can sit in your car in Wichita Falls and have a cold one with your friends. Thanks to the fine folks at P2 this is allowed. DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS IN OTHER PARTS OF THE CITY.

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    Enjoy thy Tacos of all colors


    Other cities may color tacos for special holidays, but in Wichita Falls we enjoy red tacos all year long.

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    Thou Shalt Not Complain About the Heat

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    First off, this should be every Texas city. It's Texas, it's gonna be hot in the summer. If you don't like the heat, do not move to Texas.

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    Though Must Drive Like an Idiot in the Snow/Ice

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    Yes, in Wichita Falls we take no caution when driving in severe weather. Who cares about snow and ice? I have my truck, I can drive how I want with my four-wheel drive. Hope everyone detects that sarcasm.

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    When Picking Your High School, Be sure to Argue as Angrily as Possible

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    I feel like the choice of the high school for teenagers has turned into the cops almost being called on several occasions. I am sure in some households this is a smooth process, in others not so much.

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    Ignore Questions About the Recycled Water Line

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    Our city made national headlines a few years ago with the water reuse system. Something that my out of town friends would love to bring up. It was dark times in Wichita Falls. Lakes are at 100% and the line is off...for now.

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    Decide Your Steak and Garlic Place and Argue With Everyone That Doesn't Agree

    Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2016

    The quintessential Wichita Falls meal. Many restaurants serve it, many claim to have invented, and many claim to be the best. I say try them all, but arguments will always happen as to who has the best.

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    When in High School, Speed Down Kemp FOR NO EFFING REASON

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    Yes, being sixteen-years-old you're required to drive down Kemp til you hit Southwest Parkway, then U-turn til you hit Kell Boulevard. Repeat this process all weekend long until you run out of gas. This is your life high school kids, never stop doing it.

  • 9

    Remind People That Wichita Falls Is Not Like that King of the Hill Episode

    Courtesy of Fox Television Network

    I don't know a lot of Wichita Falls people that love Oklahoma as that episode claimed. Also was very mad that they said we had Dairy Queen when one did not exist in our town until a few years ago.

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    Never Forget the Story on the World's Littlest Skyscraper Scam

    Photo Courtesy of Mike Hendren

    Yes, the big scam that we all laugh about now, but investors were not laughing at back in the day. You can check out the full story on our History of Wichita Falls post.