Do you believe in ghosts? Well there are reported haunted places and legends around Wichita Falls that you should take a look at before making up your mind.

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    Pinky's Cave

    Pinky's Cave is a scary drainage tunnel that runs about 3 miles long. Last I heard the legend is that if you go through Pinky's Cave, Pinky will "get you." In high school I went through Pinky's Cave with some friends. It was scary, wet, dark and we never saw "Pinky." However my friends and I did get "Pinky's revenge," which is bronchitis.

    Claire Kowalick/Times Record News
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    Witch's Gate

    Witch's Gate is off of 287 between Wichita Falls and Henrietta. Witch's Gate is an urban legend about an old house that burned down way back. A wealthy man built the house to impress his bride. The couple had two sons and the man died of old age. The woman was said to have been a witch and went mad with grief when her husband died. They say if you go there at night you can see and hear her.

    Photo Courtesy Vicki Cheatham, January 2007
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    Screaming Sheila Bridge

    The Screaming Sheila Bridge is an abandoned bridge just 8 to 10 miles north of Electra. There are a lot of different stories about The Screaming Sheila Bridge. One story is that a girl named Sheila was hung on the bridge and the other being she was burned on the bridge. Regardless of how she died it's rumored you can hear screaming if you visit the bridge at night.
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    The Old Insane Asylum

    The Old Insane Asylum, also known as the White Sanitarium, is located at the corner of California and Olen road. Originally it opened in the 1920s as a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center. It was rumored that some medical procedures that took place there killed some people. The ghosts of those people now roam the place.
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    Haunting at the Tea Room