We all know summer temperatures can get brutal here in Texoma. 100-degree days are no stranger to the area and we've been in a heat advisory all week. Wichita Falls was even named the #1 worst summer city by the Weather Channel several years ago.

So what jobs are the worst to have on a blistering hot summer day in Wichita falls and surrounding areas?

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    Water Park Employee

    I have to imagine working at a water park is kind of torturous on a hot day. You're sweating to death wanting to cool off, but you have to sit in the sun. While everyone around you cools off in the pool or slides.

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    Mascot Costume

    We have a couple of these in town. Chick-Fil-A cow, Little Ceasar's dude, Crazy Cat from the Wichita Falls Wildcats. The list goes on and on. No ventilation in those things, believe me I know. I was the Chuck E. Cheese mouse at one point in my life.

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    Delivery Driver

    UPS, FedEx or Post Office applies here. Most of those trucks don't have air conditioning. Stay hydrated guys.

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    Car Wash Worker

    Another one where you're surrounded by water and can't cool off. I worked at a car wash here in town on a record temperature day. I never needed a shower more in my life than after that day.

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    I have to imagine working on a car in the summer sucks. Garages don't typically have air conditioning. Plus an engine that's been running in 100 degree temperatures is gonna be hot as hell.

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    Yeah, screw this one. Let's get you even closer to the sun. Your only friend in this job is the occasional cloud or breeze for some cooling relief.

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    Shout-out to the guys that bust their butt building stuff in this heat. Specific shout-out to the guys that lay down the new pavement on the roads. That crap comes out hot, plus you're doing that during the summer.

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    Camp Counselor

    Trying to maintain a group of kids is hard. During the summer even harder. Try running around with them in 100-degree weather. You won't last long. Pro tip: always be stocked up on freeze pops.

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    Kitchen Workers

    It's like they say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Kitchens suck during the summer. Especially over the deep fryer. Damn you fried onion grease, you ruined my arm one too many times.

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    AC Repairman

    Finally the unsung hero of the summer, the AC repairman. They're working to make you cool once again. Hopefully they don't have to go in your attic or crawl under your house to do so.