What Has Happened to Elmo? Anti-Semitic Rants and Sex Tapes Hit the Web
What is the world coming to? On Sunday Elmo, a beloved children's icon from Sesame Street, was arrested for yelling curse words and delivering a loud anti-Semitic rant in the middle of Central Park in New York. A man dressed in a furry red Elmo costume from head to foot decided he had had enough of being pushed around by cops who he claims were Jewish and were preventing him from making money off
Hamilton Dominates, Texas Rangers Keep Winning
May is over but the Texas Rangers aren't even halfway thru their season. With 51 games played the Rangers are the proud owners of the best record in the American League at 31-20 and the second best record in the MLB despite dropping two strait against the Seattle Mariners to end the month and one of their starting pitchers, Neftali Feliz, being put on the disabled list and not expected back till l

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